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1-day Workshops / Workshop Series

The Dance Complex will be CLOSED August 17th - 30th for our Annual Break!

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Updated: Friday, July 31, 2015

1-Day Workshops

One Single Beat. A Dance/Music Workshop. August 7th at The Dance Complex.One Single Beat

Dance-Music Workshop

Ruca Rebordão and Marta Coutinho
with special guests

August 7, 2015



For dance and music students over 13 years old; all interested people over 13 years old.

Share and re-discover movemnts and rhythms originary from different countries where Portuguese is spoken.

For more information, contact:

Traditional rhythms and dances of several cultures and countries that the Atlantic Ocean touches and refreshes, are always in our minds. So we work on their common rhythms and movements, that either seem distant and opposite from one another, either seem a single rain drop, twin movements of one single existence.

Traditional dances celebrate the point where rhythm and body meet and communicate in a unique and particular way. The most primitive forms of movement and dance follow well defined beats, strong rhythms that connect floor, earth, with the body.

This workshop is based on the mixture of traditions that naturally merge on the same way of feeling music and dance. It proposes a journey from Portugal to Brazil, passing by Angola and Cape Verde. And we all enter in this Atlantic movement tide...

We feel one single beat, one single emotion shared by the cultures bathed by one single Ocean that speaks the same language and dances the same music. Different speeds, same smile. There is always movement inside of us. And our veins feel the tide of one single beat...

Learning different tradicional dances from Portugal to Brazil, passing by Angola and Cape Verde through the language of contemporary dance. Dance is combined with live played music, also experimented by the participants of this workshop. Starting from one same musical and rhythmic aproach, we transform the traditional choreographies into new dances, into new musics. The body both moves and plays.

Marta Coutinho: Born in Portugal, where she lived from north to south, she went to Spain for six years and she has recently returned to Lisbon, Portugal. She studied many different dance styles with dancers from all over the world. She developed her work mainly in contemporary and traditional / world dance. She is strongly influenced by Iberian, African and Brazilian rhythms, and she has been dancing its traditional dances since childhood, along with many dancers from different countries. Invited artist for a couple of years in the European project MUS-E, Yehudi Menuhin Foundation, in the Andanças Festival (one of its founders) she was both Producer and Artist, she presented many site specific performances and taught dance at Coppelia and Mayeusis (two Spanish music and dance conservatoires) among great other variety of performance/teaching dance professional works. As an interpreter she worked with artists such as Madalena Victorino, Francisco Camacho, Caroline Bergeron, Antonio Catalano e Les Ballets C de la B de Alain Platel. She is interested in the relation between dance and people´s daily lives, so she is currently creating projects that develop this idea.

Ruca Rebordão: Percussionist and composer, Ruca has a 30 year career as a professional musician. Born in Angola, soon moved to Brazil, then lived in Australia and is now living in between Portugal and the United States of America. He has multiple musical influences, resultant both from his personal life experience and the contact he had with musicians from all over the planet. However, the strongest influences on his musicality and compositions come from Africa Austral, Mediterranean countries, Brazil and Cuba. He recorded and/or played with enormously talented artists such as Sadao Watanabe, Alejandro Sanz, Rão Kyao, Madredeus, Teresa Salgueiro, Paulo de Carvalho, António Chainho, Melody Gardot, Ivan Linz, Martinho da Vila, Fafá de Belém and Toquinho, among others. Member and founder of several bands like Palmares, A Fúria do Acúçar, N'Goma Makamba and Couple Coffee, he performed all over the world in the best theatres and stages of different world capitals. He is now preparing his solo Album with original themes and partnerships with good friends, all of them extraordinary musicians.

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Body Language: The Art of Seduction with Miss Ksyn.Body Language: The Art of Seduction 
with Miss Ksyn

Saturday, August 8, 2015

3:00p - 5:00pm

Studio #1

Cost: $ 25.00 - To purchase your tickets in advance Click Here
(Advance tickets are preferred but can be purchased via cash at the door)

Body Language is a class where as women we can express ourselves Sensually and most importantly Confidently while also getting Fit.

Each class is designed to teach you moves that can be used from the dance floor to the bedroom and are here to teach you to feel empowered by your body, your sexuality and to embrace everything that makes you... You!!

Attire for the class is completely up to you, however it is suggested that you wear fitted clothing such as leggings or shorts, a tank top, sport bra, or t-shirt.

Heels are a mandatory aspect of the class so do wear a shoe you can move in. The most comfortable shoe would be an ankle or thigh high boot in a heel height of your choice. If you can not wear a heel please let us know an we will accommodate it accordingly.

No nudity is allowed in any class. 18 and up only.

About Ksyn (pronounced kay-sin), is a professional dancer, model and actress born and raised in Bronx, NY.

In the spring of 2005, Ksyn obtained her B.S. in Arts Management with a concentration in Dance from Franklin Pierce College in New Hampshire, moved back to New York and proceeded to pursue her dreams. Before long Ksyn was landing gigs like Smooth, King & Hype Hair Magazines to name a few. She has also been featured in some of today’s hottest videos with artists like Usher, Mary J Blige, Ciara, Busta Rhymes, and 50 Cent.

After linking up with one of the top dance agencies, Bloc NYC, she has performed with stars like Sean Paul, Ciara, Jeremih, Beyonce and just finished touring with Beyonce and Jay Z on the On The Run tour. You can currently catch Ksyn on various episodes of the new hit show Lip Sync Battle with host LL Cool J.

Ksyn has also been featured in the film FIGHTING, directed by Dito Montiel, landing the role of Shevonne, along side Channing Tatum, Terrence Howard, Brian White and many others as well as 30 Rock, starring Tina Fey and Tracey Morgan, and How to Make it in America, starring Kid Cudi and Victor Rasuk.

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August 14th. 5 Alterna Tease Workshops.5 Alterna Tease Workshops

August 14, 2015

Website:, Facebook:

How to walk for your Life with Irresistable O


Studio #6

$15.00 cash at door or register online

Learn how to can can, cake walk, strut, tip, scuffle, and booty grease, intro to duck walking, and intro to death falls. This class is all about different walking styles and learning how to strut your stuff! So that you can get the most out of your entrances, exits, and transitions. Learn how to put the attitude and elegance in your game.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Heels - With Sugar Dish


Studio #6

$15.00 cash at door or register online

A class for those who would like some help owning those high heels. The class begins with a brief, barefoot warm-up before we put our shoes on. We start slow and simple, walking and strutting and getting confident. We'll do some traveling exercises and combinations across the floor, and finish with a short dance routine.

Please bring shoes you can reasonably dance in. Feel free to bring more than one pair and switch it up during class. You're also welcome to take as much of class in your heels as you like and switch to flat shoes as the class advances.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Twerk and Jerk: BOOTY Intensive Twerkshop w/ Jeez Loueez


Studio #1

$20.00 cash at door or register online

The class that has everyone ready to pop, wobble, werk, and wine!!! This high-energy choreography intensive is not for the faint of heart. Fusing the sensuality of burlesque with the sharp attitude of hip hop, this class will focus on isolations, footwork, and of course…THE BOOTY! Class begins with a warm up and stretch and moves into a combination of popping your favorite asset. Learn coveted moves such as the Booty Chaser and the Slow Wine! Drop it like it's hot and pick it back up again! Some dance experience is recommended.

***Wear comfortable, form-fitting clothing in which you can easily move. Booty shorts and knee pads recommended. Bring a water bottle.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



Studio #1

$25.00 cash at door or register online

Set the stage on fire! Go from talented to TNT! Build a larger-than-life Burlesque Persona with Tigger! and take your shows and your stage identity to the next level. Tigger! is a recognized pioneer of today's burlesque scene, but he has been an actor all his life -- “acting like a stripper” for 23 years. Using his degree in theatre, his experience teaching college acting, and over 37 years on the stage (from Shakespeare to Shimmy), he employs his theatrical training & perspective to break down what makes a burlesque performer stand out from the herd.

Whatever you do in front of any kind of an audience, You are an Actor. Learn techniques and tips to make the most of what you’ve got. Be prepared to take notes.

Tigger! The Godfather of Neo-Burlesque, The Original King of Boylesque, The Taboo-Defying Dynamo!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Pretty Boy Rock


Studio #1

$15.00 cash at door or register online

JazzLesque: Dance Technique for Burlesque
An intensive dance-for-burlesque workshop with award-winning boylesque performer Jade Esteban Estrada

Touring the world and bringing burlesque magic to audiences everywhere? So then you know that some stages you are expected to dance on are often unfamiliar and sometimes even rickety. In the quest to avoid a performance injury, the only thing one can count on during a long tour is the body knowledge that only comes with an education in basic jazz and ballet dance technique. Learn body-preserving basics in the JazzLesque: Dance Technique for Burlesque workshop, a 50-minute class with award-winning boylesque performer Pretty Boy Rock. Being the best you can be an on-going process that goes beyond pointed feet. Arrive ready to sweat in JazzLesque!

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On-going Workshop Series
begins in JULY

Washin-Ryu Karate Workshop at The Dance Complex - July and August Workshops.Washin-Ryu Karate Workshop

July 2 - August 15, 2015

All Ranks:

Mondays: 5:30pm - 6:30pm ~ Studio #2
Thursdays: 5:30pm - 6:30pm ~ Studio #6
Saturdays: 10:00am - 11:00am ~ Studio #1


Saturdays: 9:00am - 10:00am ~ Studio #1

$15.00/class or $90.00 for all classes

For Information: email:, phone: (781) 248-9712.

Class Information: In our classes, students practice:

  • kata (form)
  • pre-arranged situational self-defense techniques
  • sport-sparring (non-contact)
  • flexibility/strength drills

Students immerse themselves in the full range of traditional martial arts training in order to improve themselves both mentally and physically, while learning the principles of respect and confidence.

We welcome students of all ages (8 and up) and all abilities to begin training and discovering the personal rewards that traditional martial arts can bring to their lives.

About the Instructor: Larry Friedman is a seventh degree black belt and the Chief Instructor at Hidy Ochiai Karate of Boston. Mr. Friedman holds the teaching rank of Joh-i Shido-in (High-Rank Instructor), which is the highest teaching rank available to Washin-ryu instructors.

Mr. Friedman has been a student of Master Hidy Ochiai since 1981 and continues to train regularly with Master Ochiai. Over the 29 years that Mr. Friedman has been sharing the lessons he has learned from Master Ochiai he has helped hundreds of men, women and children develop themselves to reach their full potential.

Larry Friedman is compassionate teacher excited to share Master Ochiai’s teaching and Washin-ryu Karate-do.

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American Tribal Belly Dance Workshop. 6 weeks starting July 6thAmerican Tribal Belly Dance Workshop

6-week workshop beginning July 6, 2015

Mondays: 7:30-9:00pm

$12.00/class with pre-registration

$15.00/class at the door

email to register

This workshop would is appropriate for students of all levels. It focuses on American Tribal Fusion belly dance. By turns upbeat and mysterious, Tribal Fusion is a style of belly dance that can be enjoyed by all ages and ability levels. The style is improvisational and based on a series of visual and vocal ques. During the course students will learn all the basic steps and ques necessary to dance outside of the classroom. Students leaving the course should feel confident in their Tribal Fusion skills.

visit for more information

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6 week Pointe Workshop with Molly Wheat. Starts July 9th.Ballet with Molly
6-Week Pointe Workshop

Thursdays: July 9th – August 13th

Beginner Pointe 8:00 – 8.30pm
$7.00/class - $36.00/6-weeks

Intermediate Pointe 8:00 – 9:00pm
$14.00/class - $70.00/6-weeks

Cash or check (payable to Ballet with Molly)

Studio 3

This is a gender-neutral pointe class that introduces and reinforces ballet pointe work. Working on pointe strengthens legs and ankles, improves balance and jumps and increases understanding of alignment and mechanics of ballet. Students interested in taking Pointe Class must contact Molly directly.

The first half hour is at the barre with exercises of relevés, elevés and piqués focusing on alignment and placement. This is a chance for first-time pointe students to experience a safe and nurturing introduction to pointe work. It’s also great for people recovering from injuries. All students take the barre section of class.

The second half hour is for more experienced pointe students. Exercises in the center and across the floor emphasize connecting phrases for a more choreographic experience. The goal of this part of class is to move beyond the strengthening exercises to expression en pointe with sound ballet technique.

Ballet experience required for Ballet with Molly Pointe classes. All students must be approved by the teacher to participate. At lease one year of prior ballet study recommended. Contact for details on pre-approval. For students’ safety, Ballet with Molly reserves the right to withhold approval based on strength, alignment or experience. Email for information on how to buy and sew pointe shoes.

”I loved ballet at an early age and studied with Carol Jordan, Jill Silverman and Jose Mateo while growing up in Boston. I joined Jose Mateo Ballet Theatre in 1992 and danced in the company for 15 years, performing in neo-classical works as well as traditional full-length ballets. As soon as I started teaching in 2000, I knew it was my calling to share my love of ballet in a fun and nurturing environment. In my classes I boil ballet down to its most basic ingredients and explain it in a logical way. Using both the traditional French terminology and the English translations, I teach a safe and understandable approach to ballet. I’m lucky to be able to give the gift of the full-body workout and artistic rewards of ballet to the enthusiastic and talented community of dancers in the greater Boston area!” -Molly Wheat

Contact Molly Wheat at

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beheard.heard.worlds - teen summer intensivebeheard.heard.worlds

Paid Summer Intensive for TEENS ages 14-19

July 14-August 14

Final Performance August 14

At The Dance Complex 536 Massachusetts Ave, Central Square Cambridge leads youth in a summer intensive that expand their creativity in spoken work, rap, hip hop, and voice. Lead by professional artists, these workshops will challenge participating youth to look at what they want to express to the world through their various art forms.

For more info contact: Anna Myer at 617 513 9314 or, see

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begins in AUGUST

Elements of Vogue workshop.Elements of Vogue


Father Tarik St. Clair

Saturdays: August 1, 8, & 15



Contact info: or

Participants will be able to identify and perform the essential elements of vogue. In this workshop you'll be taught the history of this spectacular and popular style of dance, as well as be able to identify HBC (House/Ballroom Culture) terms and categories. This high energy workout is great way to get your energy flowing, relieve stress, and be up on the times!

Preview YouTube video New England Father Tarik St.Clair and/or YouTube video Tarik St. Clair Workshop

Bio: Tarik Spriggs, born and raised in Boston, MA is often described as a local celebrity and a legend in his own right. Studying and performing since the age of seven, Tarik honed his love for teaching dance at an early age. From elementary school and later in high school he trained with Topf Center for Dance Education under close Direction of professional choreographer/dancer Derrick Davis (LaGuardia Performing Arts School, Alvin Ailey School), mastering hip hop, African and modern jazz. After high school he continued his training with En Motion Inc., a Cambridge dance company established by choreographer and international dancer Ramon Baynes (Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Pussycat Dolls, Beyonce.) Along with making a fierce entry into Boston's hip hop dance scene and leading his own junior company, Tarik took his dance to the next level and decided to learn how to vogue. After a decade of never ending training, obtaining numerous trophies and prizes from NYC, Boston, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Virginia, and Baltimore, and becoming the Father of the Iconic House of St. Clair (Boston chapter), Tarik is now known in the HBC (House/Ballroom Community) as a Master of Vogue! Tarik has taught 5 generations of successful voguers and has no plan of stopping the pendulum anytime soon! ​

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begins in SEPTEMBER

Learn and Perform Contemporary Belly Dance Choreography.Learn & Perform a Contemporary Belly Dance Choreography


Lúlu Stone

Thursdays: September 24 - October 15, 2015



Performance: Evening of Thursday, Oct 22

In this 4-week mini-intensive, students will learn a contemporary belly dance choreography and have the opportunity to perform it locally on the evening of October 22! Minimum one year of continuous belly dance (any style) recommended; poppers and contemporary dancers may also find this choreography fun & challenging. For questions, or to register*, please email To learn more about Lúlu and see her work, check out

*Pre-registration required; attendance at all 4 sessions mandatory for performance. Performance optional!

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